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+ completed MFA at BAUHAUS UNIVERSTY Weimar, 2013

+ in Pisac, Cusco, Peru managing Paz y Luz Healing Center, 2013-16

I think it's quite obvious that this website hasn't been updated in a long time.

















+ recherche video/mouvement avec Trias Culture, Dakar, 2011

.expanding my ongoing research on abstract digital camera movement, I am hosted in residency by Trias Culture in Dakar, Senegal to work with a group of local dancers. Our intensive lab runs Feb. 14th-March 25th, 2011.


+ Jardin Suspendu v.BETA, Dakar, 2011

.adhérant au concept communautaire mis en place par le projet international « Window Farms », un véritable jardin, recyclé, suspendu et vivant, prend place a Dakar. Ouvert durant le Forum Social Mondiale.


+ teaching + Mani.Fest3, Summer Semester 2010, Bauhaus Uni, Weimar, DE

.taught a course during the summer semester 2010 at Bauhaus University, Weimar on curating and producing a live multimedia event. The group organized the festival Mani.Fest3. course log


+ tiny noise camp . Cologne & Moers, DE . oct 15-18 2009

.concert in Cologne and 22 hour open noise camp in Moers, DE in collaboration with the Moers Festival, Bollwerk107 and Cologne curatorial team including members of ZAM!, ElektronenToto and NIMM!. documentation


+ tiny noise nomadic sound project . ongoing **CLICK 4 NEXT EVENT INFO**

.open and nomadic d.i.y. sound art platform founded in collaboration with Toni Dimitrov to spread and connect new and adventurous audio art and artists and to promote exploratory, provocative and openminded practices


+ rainbows by the njp/current project -> built in Lima, Peru!

.a system that allows anonymous contributors in public space to “safely dispose of their digital data” and contribute to the occurrence of a real rainbow


+ : we can always be happy. online+CTM 23 jan.09. berlin

. created online work we can always be happy with sound artist Geronimo Inutiq for the online gallery of . will be presented onsite in the exhibition at Club Transmediale at Kunstraum Kreuzberg 23.01-01.03


+ ARTKILLART03 : exhibition + performances . 28-30 jan.09. berlin

. curated AV + procedural sound art focused exhibition + performance night at Berlin's .HBC location at Alexanderplatz, in partnership with ARTKILLART/RYbN, Staalplaat and CTM. expo 28-30ja.09, perfs 30jan.09


+ surfing with... presentation at Art Clains Impulse . 17th jan.09, 20h

. I am presenting interesting and random websites during an evening event at Art Claims Impulse Gallery, hosted by curators Melanie Zagrean & Pierre Wolter. Lübbener Strasse 5, 10997, Berlin


+ WinterCamp : Upgrade! + INC . 3-7 mar.09 . amstedam

. coodinating the gathering of the Upgrade! International at the WinterCamp network gathering event, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, 3-7 March ‘09 in Amsterdam


+ pancevo art salon : tensions + breaking points. 20-30 Nov.08. Serbia

. curator of exhibition and events for the return of the Pancevo winter Art Salon, international exhibition. Thematic: tensions + breaking points. Pancevo Gallery of Contemporary Art, Serbia.


+ chain reaction:3rd Upgrade! International meeting . 11-14 Sept.08. Skopje

. exhibition design and production for the Museum of the City of Skopje + publication editing for the 3rd Upgrade! International gathering hosted by LINE Initiative and Movement


+ HACK.Fem.EAST . presentation may 11th.08 . Berlin Germany

.talk about tiny noise + about ideas around sustainable cultural practices developed while working in East Europe in the frame of HACK.Fem.EAST exhibition in Bethanien, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Gaia Novati


+ Home Residency . march-may.08 . Lisbon Portugal

.working on Rainbows project as artist in residence at André Gonçalves' Home Residency in Lisbon Portugal. exploring Lisbon and will host a TinyNoise event sometime in April.


+ transmediale08 : TRANSITformations Salon . Jan 31, 2008 . Berlin

.host of the Builderberg Salon session TRANSITformations at the 2008 edition of Transmediale festival for art and digital culture. discussing circulation, transit, change, conspiring, bodies, nomadic life


+ nomadism : european seminar + research group . Feb 21-22, 2008 . Paris

.the "Nomadism, new media and new artistic mobilities in Europe" project is meant to identifiy and to study the new nomadic artistic projects born recently in Europe. In cooperation with SEA Europe + conteners


+ ALTenergy : curatorial project . 2007-2008

.series of short workshops based on the topic of 'alternative energy' as used by experimental sound artists. the program includes recognized Canadian sound artists presenting demonstrations & workshops.


+ northern bound : sound & video programming . oct 29th, 2007 . Montreal

.programming of sound artists, djs and films about and from Northern Ireland in collaboration with curator Allison Moore. Presented at the Sala Rosa in Montreal flyer


+ incredible party + october 12th, 2007 . Montreal

.wow! sound_00 release, zosen, el pueblo de china, secret sister, j.gillingham, the fold, not.that.kyd, dj ////, johnson & jackson. thanks to daphna for the loft info


+ anthem radio piece for ctrl.alt.del festival . 09.07

20 min. radio piece curated for ctrl.alt.del sound project by NOMAD in Istanbul. in collaboration with Frank Suchomel of Ethedrone Muzak info        audio


+ badminton tournament by frontierlab 17.04.07

.in conjunction with the DGC Salon on SATURDAY, MARCH 17th, we held a badminton tournament in the frontierlab space. in the winter, artists need excercise




+ htmlles8:crowd control/montreal 10.07

.programming director of htmlles8 festival for media art + networked practices. a project of StudioXX feminist technology art center.montreal commentary on thematic : english       français




+ EXPORT2/belgrad/|sofia/istanbul 10.19-29.06

.networking project with canadian media art works + artists and partners in Serbia, Bulgria + Turkey. a project of the HTMlles Festival / StudioXX feminist digital art center


+ ct_bt_graffiti/transient public action .06

.interactive work that rebuilds lost public space and provides a platform for memory and networking. in collaboration with petko dourmana + interspace media art


+ mobile studios/sofia .06

.an internationally networked, mobile, autonomous production laboratory for young artists, musicians, performers and cultural programmers . a project by public art lab


+ the farm/montreal 09.04 - 09.05

.publicly managed sound environment bringing the country to the city. a solar powered outdoor audio installation. in collaboration with steve helsing . hosted by concordia university, montreal, 2004-5


+ space hogs/montreal .04

.an airborn robotic fleet equipped to sense objects in their immediate area, and to avoid collisions. in collaboration with steve helsing and marcelo coelho at the vav gallery


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